Regalia Recordings.

Regalia Recordings is a record label founded and managed by King DJ as a vehicle for his many endeavours and productions, and as output source to stimulate collaborations and external productions.

In an ever more quickly changing world of music, being the record label yourself and getting other companies to distribute and promote your material seems like the only sane option. Maybe that's how it should've always been, maybe this is the freedom modern technology provides us with. Artist and label become one.

King DJ has a great passion for the vinyl 12" culture of the 70's and 80's, extended versions, and the tradition of club music in general, so it's only logical that this is what Regalia is all about. Having been deejaying since 1987, the King knows what makes the dancefloor tick and tock. The man's very well known for his good vibes and open sounds, so once again this translates to Regalia's character: positive and uplifting music, often with vocals and popmelodies, usually very dancefloorfriendly, and always tasteful and considerate. Free from marketing strategies and promotion schemes, this is all about the music.

Regalia reserves the right to put customer satisfaction and sheer quality first. We respect you, dj, listener, music fanatic, dancer, person. And ourselves... And although she probably doesn't know the difference between house, electro, techno or disco, it'll make your grandma get up out of her rocking chair too.

We are based in Belgium.