Ultrasonic 7

Ultrasonic 7 = King DJ & Tom Derie.

King DJ composes and produces the music. He has more than 20 years of dj-experience under his belt, a carreer that makes for a well-deserved reputation as one of Belgum's very best. He's been around for almost that long as producer of many acts in a great variety of styles. For more on him, please check the King DJ page.
Tom Derie is the singer. He's known as frontman for Ghent's rock 'n' soul cultband Soapstone in the mid 90's. Regular supportband: Soulwax... His voice sounds more raw than sushi, the man's got music in every bone of his body. He's a born for the stage and can lose himself in the music like no other. This almost 2m. tall chunk of unforced natural is often praised for a certain "Elvis-quality"... Whatever that may mean...
These guys understand eachother very well and effortlessly, musically as well as personally.

Ultrasonic 7 was founded in 2001 as Ultrasonic without the 7, that was added later to avoid confusion with other artists. In 2003 and 4 they scored some local hits, mainly the already-classic "Lips They Move".
In 2004 the succesalbum "Ultrasonic 7 makes you sweat" was released. Not very long after that the whole project dissappeared, off to somewhere undefined. It remained in the freezer to return more than 5 years later in core formation, with more drive than ever.
Running into eachother in a bar ignited it. Both Tom en the King clearly felt eager to work on new stuff and hit the road again. The seed was planted and the october 2010 harvest brought us a first new 12" single, "Like Thunder". Critics and fans sincerely approved, the momentum came back quickly. Green light for a complete comeback and new offensive: new catchy hitsingle "Work It Out" came out in the spring of 2011 and will later be succeeded by a new album, "Bare Walkin'". The sound seems to have shifted to a bit more of an 80's analog synth feel, but the feeling remains the same. Only stronger...

Live, they're supported by percussionist Björn Denys and trumpet player Yves Fernandez, also know for being the leader of Lady Linn's band The Magnificent 7. On stage Ultrasonic 7 behaves like a perfectly organic hybrid between live and dj-act, playing many of their own songs, and often improvising around these and othere artists'.  Before their shows are over, they will turn the place upside down and put it on fire, time and again. Tested & approved. With no shoes on.

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ULTRASONIC 7: Bare Walkin’

Take Your Time / You Are In My System / Work It Out / Midnight Stalker / Bare Walkin' / Like Thunder (part 1) - Like Thunder (part 2) / Fallin' Down / Nothing Is The Same / Set Me Free


ULTRASONIC 7: You Are In My System

Digital only release.

Original Version / Katorski Remix / Drrtyhaze Remix / Polydor Remix


MAGNUS / ULTRASONIC 7: Summer’s Here / Lips They Move (D&B Remixes)

Contains "ULTRASONIC 7: Lips They Move (Nymfo's Moving Lips VIP)"

[Radar Rec. - RDR003]


Digital only release.

Single Version / Extended Version / King DJ Remix / Bobby E. Boombox Remix / Simoncino Remix / Instrumental


ULTRASONIC 7: Like Thunder

Like Thunder (Raoul Lambert Remix) / Like Thunder (Zero Cash Remix)

VINYL only: Like Thunder (Parts 1 and 2)

DIGITAL only: Like Thunder


ULTRASONIC 7: Sunshine & Palmtrees / Dollar Twist

Sunshine & Palmtrees (Radio Edit) / Dollar Twist (Cuban Dollars Remix) / Sunshine & Palmtrees (Original Long Version)

[Swet / Petrol - SWET5]


All In Me (Take Less Club Hose Remix)

VINYL only: All In Me (Parts 1 & 2) / All In Me (Accapella)

CD-S / DIGITAL only: All In Me (Radio Edit)

[Swet / PIAS - SWET4]

ULTRASONIC 7: Makes You Sweat

Where You At? / Dollar Twist / It Ain't No Use / All In Me

Lips They Move / Spinnin' & Rollin' / Magic Interlude / This Life

Tokyorama 6000 / Electric Fire / Now And For The Future

[Swet / PIAS - SWET2]


This Life (Radio Edit) / A Small Blue Object

[Swet / PIAS - Swet3]


Where You At? (Radio Edit) / Where You At? (Full Version)

VINYL only: Where You At? (Instrumental) / Elektrika Salza

[Swet Rec. - SWET1]

ULTRASONIC: Lips They Move

Lips They Move (Full) / Lips They Move (Radio Edit)

VINYL only: Lips They Move (Saxstrumental / Accapella / Bonus Beats)



Soul Power / Soul Power (Beatz) / Soul Power (Accapella) / Soul Power (Lance Desardi Remix)

[NEWS 541]