• RGL011, Love Is Raining Down, is out now.

    RGL011, finally a King DJ release. It features singer Domenicko. It’s disco not disco, or is that house not house?
    Support by Downtown Party Network, Lusty Zanzibar, DJ Rocca (Ajello, Crimea X, Erodiscotique,...), Toomy Disco, The Heels of Love, Nacho Marco, Pharao Black Magic, Cosmonauts, a.m.o…

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  • RGL010 out now.

    Yes, already up to our tenth release here, and proud to present another very nice one: Jet Hammer (a.k.a. Nacho Marco from VAlencioa & Garen Moreno from L.A.) with the “She Knows”. Remixes by living legend Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca, Eddie Torres and King DJ.
    Supported by The Beat Broker, Ed Rodion, Cole Medina, Discomendments, Sare Havlicek, Bonar Bradberry, Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco), The Cosmonauts, Drop Out Orchestra, Visti, Matthew Moffre (Drrtyhaze, MJM), Katorski, Craig Smith, Henry Maldonado, Raoul Belmans/Lambert (Swirl People), The c90’s,…
    Listen on soundcloud.

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  • King DJ: Galactic Playmate EP out now on Bearfunk.

    Out now: My new King DJ EP on Bearfunk. Low down dirty disco, with a remix by Andromeda Orchestra (a.k.a. Robin Lee - Faze Action).
    Great review in DJ Mag, and supported by (here we go):
    Pete Herbert, Fabrizio Mammarella (Clap Rules…), Rui Vargas, Ben Santiago, Skatebard, Jim Adam (Lullabies in the Dark), Cosmo Vitelli, Ichisan, Drrtyhaze, Blackbelt Andersen, Eric Duncan (Rub ‘n’ Tug), Disco Bloodbath, Sare Havlicek, Henry Maldonado, Ben Mono, Sleazy McQueen, Luca Saponaro (The Love Supreme, The Heels of Love), Bottin, Telonius, Aeroplane, Max Essa, Axwell,...

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  • Another new King DJ mix online now.

    The 2nd King DJ mix for this past summer’s Playground mixes on Studio Brussel. 36 Tracks crammed into an hour. Grab it now if you like, it’s got everything from worldhits to cult gemms. Old and new, hard and soft, loud and quiet. All mixed up.

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  • King DJ: Galactic Playmate EP

    The new King DJ EP on Bearfunk will be out Sept. 17th. It’s a teaser for the full CD coming later this year. It’s got a great Andromeda Orchestra remix (a.k.a. Robin Lee from Faze Action) amongst other goodies. Listen to it now on SC:

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