King DJ

King DJ, Kristof Michiels to most mortals, is mainly known for playing and producing dance music that situates itself somewhere inbetween disco, house and electrofunk.

With releases for Bearfunk, Nang, Gomma, etc..., and Regalia Recordings running strong, there's no denying the man's influence as frontrunner of a more relaxed style of clubbing. It's clearly noticable he's got more than 20 years of dj-experience under his belt under a vast gamma of alter ego's, of which 4T4 might well be the best known. Specifically in reference to his westflemish hiphopband 't Hof Van Commerce.

In Belgium, he's played everywhere from Pukkelpop to Tomorrowland, from his many years as Charlatan resident to Culture Club and 10 Days Off. The man's never been known to shun eclectic sets in pubs and at rock festivals like Rock Werchter or Marktrock. Small tours around the world, not only in Belgium's neighbouring countries, but also in the USA, South-Africa,... have proven him to be a gifted dj with worldwide appeal. Just as long as there's room for good vibes and a bit of fun and laughter you can pretty much assume the King might well be close-by. No-one can quite tap into the vibe of the moment like he can, with music from all era's in his sets. No need for requests here.

Mario, main bouncer in Charlatan, (R.I.P.) once said: "We're always happy when King DJ's playing, because we know there won't be any fighting". That says it all. There are worse things that can be said about a dj...

As a producer the King's often asked for his genrespanning tracks and great partystarting remixes. His sound is always warm and open. The combination of his musical / technical abilities and his understanding of the impact of music on people make him a very appreciated figure in the international open-minded underground disco / house circuit. He's got a project with DJ Bobby Ewing called Martians, and a group with one of Belgium's best singers Tom Derie, called Ultrasonic 7. Both have scored some hits, underground and above... His releases and remixes get regular support from Laurent Garnier, Cosmo Vitelli, Horse Meat Disco, Aeroplane, Faze Action, Dicky Trisco, Social Disco Club, Bottin, Mugwump, The Glimmers, Pete Herbert and many others.

His dj-sets are usually pretty eclectic. It's hard to predict which way it'll go, it all depends on the occasion and the vibe of the moment. At one time or moment, you'll hear him cutting up the anthems and hits of the moment that drive the average festivalvisitor nuts, while at other occasions he'll go for that deep disco and house trip and play nothing but superb records you've never heard before. Mostly it'll be a bit of both. In any case, he'll always manage to surprise you by bringing something unexpected which is right on the nose.

From 2014 forth, though, he can no longer be booked. The current climate and expectations no longer supply a basis for a local oldschool dj to be able to do his thing the way he believes it to be right. Partying has gotten a whole new social function, and nobody needs the dj anymore, it seems. Add very, very long manifest here... Either you understand, or you don't. Too bad.


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Contains "Dance (King DJ Remix)".


MARIO APARICIO: Jaddakofferikke

Contains "Jaddakofferikke (King DJ's "It's Called Getting Down" Discomix)".


MARTIANS: Material Boy (ft. Domenicko)

Contains "Material Boy (KDJ NYC Acid Mix)".


KING DJ: Let Me See You Feel

Let Me See You Feel / Clothes & Counters / The Other Side Of The Galaxy / Musicheart Singsongs / Attack Of The Killer Monks / Body All Over / Playmate / Dial A Freak / La Promenade Des Anglais / Dontcha Wanna Do

[Bearfunk - BFKCD029]

KING DJ: Love Is Raining Down (ft. Domenicko)

Love Is Raining Down (Full Version) / Love Is Raining Down (MPD's Monsoon Mix) / Love Is Raining Down (Wilbur. Remix) / Love Is Raining Down (Dub Version) / Love Is Raining Down (Single Version)


JET HAMMER: She Knows E.P.

Contains "JET HAMMER: The Sound (King DJ Remix)".


KING DJ: Galactic Playmate EP

The Other Side Of The Galaxy / The Other Side Of The Galaxy (Andromeda Orchestra)

Playmate / Playmate (88 Remix) / Gonna Have Some

[Bearfunk - BFK056]

DRRTYHAZE: Giving You All Of My Love

Contains "Giving You All Of My Love (King DJ Remix)".

[Nang Records - NANG075]

VARIOUS: Gomma Dance Tracks EP 4

Contains "MUNK: Can I Have Your Attention? (King DJ Edit)"

[Gomma Dance Tracks - GOMMADT034]

GUSTAPH: Same Thing (Remixes)

12" Contains "Same Thing (King DJ Palace Dub)". Vinyl only!


POLYDOR: You Better

Contains "You Better (King DJ Remix)".

[Midnight Munchies - MIMU011D]


Contains "Work It Out (King DJ Remix)".



Contains "Pleasure Storm (King DJ Remix)".

[Nang Records - NANG038]

S T I J N: Bid (Remixes)

Contains "Bid (King DJ's Extended Club Edit)".


KING DJ: Attack Of The Killer Monks E.P.

Attack Of The Killer Monks / Attack Of The Killer Monks (The Glimmers Black Hole Dub) /

Clothes & Counters (Stevie Kotey Mix) / Clothes & Counters

[Bearfunk - BFK047]

VARIOUS: From The Stars Vol.1

Contains "Escape From New York" by King DJ. It's a cover version of the main theme from the movie by John Carpenter (movie and music).

[Nang Records - NANG020]

VARIOUS: John Carpenter Aspect

Contains "Escape from New York (Bottin Remix)" by King DJ.

[Nang Records - NANG024]

VARIOUS: The Array Vol.1

Contains "Clothes & Counters" by King DJ.

[Nang Records - NANG016]

SPACE: The Space Remixes

Contains "Air Force (King DJ Remix)".

[Nang Records - NANG014]

VARIOUS: Hibernation Vol.1

Contains "Ex-Memory" by King DJ.

[Bearfunk - BFKCD006]